Leadership and the Neuroscience of Motivation

Judith E. Glaser's June 21st, 2016 blog in the Huffington Post  on the neurochemistry of motivation is worth a read:

"Once a person has been triggered by fear - let’s say from an angry boss, a yelling, or merely a passive-aggressive or blaming boss who is embarrassing that person in front of colleagues - a cascade of neurochemicals starts in the lower brain - and literally spews out into the rest of the brain - like someone was spray painting their brain! This cortisol bath sends messages to the other parts of the brain - there are actually 5 brains working in concert - and tells them to move into hyper-gear to protect the person from harm....Inspired leaders would be further inspired if they understand the neurochemistry of motivation - how praise and support can unlock the neurochemical patterns that also cascade chemistry throughout the brain. This powerful and almost drug-like dopamine state that comes with appropriate, honest and well-deserved (sincere) praise will set into place a pattern of intrinsic motivation that will open up new pathways for the employee to access new skills and talents..."

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